Weezer and K-ROCK Sail for Island In The Sun

Rock band of-the-moment, Weezer, jammed for a handful of lucky fans aboard the Royal Princess cruise ship last Thursday, as part of a promotion sponsored by NYCís finest radio station, K-ROCK. There were a total of for 200 or so on the ship - a mix of mostly young, very enthused K-ROCK contest winners, members of the press, and
various employees of the bandís record label, Interscope. According to sources at Spin, ìThere were cabin crewmembers wearing starched white shirts and
offering pigs in blankets, chicken on a stick, stuffed mushrooms, and mini
cheese quichesÖthe ëbarí was serving Coke and SpriteÖto a roomful of mostly kids.î
The kids do love that Weezer.

For the big show, the crowd was corralled downstairs and asked to sit on the floor. The band came on and launched into "Photograph," off their new release, followed by the album's second single, the appropriately-titled-for-the-night, "Island in the Sun." Highlights of the set were new tracks, ìBurnt Jamb,î and ìKeep Fishiní,î as well as the current rocking single that was the big closer, ìHash Pipe.î After the performance, the band went upstairs to sign anything and everything a fan could possibly want signed. And thus, the magical night came to a close, and everyone had to return to the real world where fans donít live on a boat and Weezer doesnít serenade them while they eat pigs in blankets and chicken on a stick. So sad.

Weezerís set list was as follows:


Island in the Sun

Knock-down Drag-out

Burnt Jamb

Keep Fishiní

Tired of Sex

Buddy Holly


Hash Pipe

Source: Spin.com

Weezer and K-ROCK Sail for Island In The Sun