Flaming Lips' First Christmas in Mars

US indie faves and Mercury Revalikes Flaming Lips have
recorded at least 2 new songs for their upcoming album. The record, which is said
to continue in the vein of 1999's Soft Bulletin, won't even be finished
anytime soon, however, and most likely won't even be released until 2002, as the band are
turning their full attention to completing their film, entitled First Christmas In
The story is this: astronauts go to space, the first Christmas occurs,
astronaut due to play Santa commits suicide and is replaced by alien (and who
ever accused bands of doing drugs?). The screenplay was written by band
frontman Wayne Coyne and all 3 band members, as well as a number of
their friends and their manager are due to star. No word yet as to who will release
this epic piece.

Source: Allstar

Flaming Lips' First Christmas in Mars