Green Day Does American Pie 2 Soundtrack

There were so many loose ends left to be reconciled at the end of the teen smash flick American Pie (you know, the standard story ñ boy meets pie, boy loses pie, stop me if this sounds familiar), that you just knew they would come out with a sequel in order to wrap things up properly. Of course, accompanying the film is a testosterone-y rocking soundtrack which offers listeners at least one gem in the form of a rare Green Day track (available only as a B-side on a Adeline Records released 7"), entitled ìScumbag.î The soundtrack arrives in stores July 31, while the movie hits theaters August 10.

The complete artist and tracklist for American Pie 2 is as follows:

Blink 182 - "Everytime I Look For You"

Left Front Tire - "Bring You Down"

American Hi-Fi - "Vertigo"

Uncle Kracker - "(I'm Gonna) Split This Room In Half"

Alien Ant Farm - "Good (For A Woman)"

Angela Ammons - "Always Getting Over You"

Jettingham - "Cheating"

Flying Blind - "Smokescreen"

Fenix TX - "Phoebe Cates"

The Exit - "Susan"

Sum 41 - "Fat Lip"

Lucia - "I Will"

Oleander - "Halo"


Green Day Does American Pie 2 Soundtrack