Live: Joyful Travis Gets Free in San Francisco

Ahhh...nothing could have been better. A warm San Francisco evening, a pastoral park
surrounding and the soothing tones of Travis washing over the gathered throng.
The Scottish wunderkind played a free 5-song concert last night at Yerba Buena Gardens,
to the delight of the 1000+ onlookers. The weather was unseasonably warm and the band
were their ever-jovial selves. They took the stage and soon entered into the sonic beauty
that is "Sing," the first single off the brand spanking new The Invisible Band. Next
up were two more newbies, the effervescent "Side" and "Flowers in the Window,", which
frontman Fran Healy informs the gathering is about pregnancy, after asking if
anyone in the crowd is pregnant. The recently parakeet-coiffed Healy continued
his good natured banter as the quartet ended their show with two songs from their 1999
breakthrough, The Man Who, "Driftwood" and their biggest single to date, "Why
Does It Always Rain On Me." As if the 5-song blitzkrieg of pleasantries wasn't sufficient,
the UK superstars proceeded to move indoors to the giant Sony Metreon complex and sign
autographs for 3 hours. These kids deserve all the success the world can bring them, as
not only do they have songs by the barrel load, they are also worthy of their new title of
"Nicest Band On The Planet," as they have been dubbed by the Duke of Jeremy.

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live: Joyful Travis Gets Free in San Francisco