Til The End

The story goes like this: guitarist Nat met singer Gary in a small record
store in their mutual hometown of St. Just, Cornwall. They started talking about the love of
an album they both wanted but couldn't afford. Halfway through the conversation, each
recognized who the other was: friends had been trying to put the two together for music's
sake, but neither had taken the initiative. But this freak meeting was all it took for
Haven to take flight. The star-scraping quartet have since relocated to Manchester,
grabbed the attention of one-time Smiths' manager Joe Moss, jammed with
Johnny Marr and been called "life-affirmingly brilliant" by the NME. The
soaring vocals and swirling guitars of "Til The End" will catch your attention, as they have
the above luminaries, bringing you back for listen after listen, and keep you wanting more,
the way the right bands do.


Til The End