Live: Oasis / Radio City Music Hall

Love em or hate em, Oasis gets a response from all. The bruised cameramen, wrecked marriages and sibling rivalry have all captured the headlines in recent years. Bottom line though is that Oasis are a rock ní roll band that have the ability to write some great tunes. For the nations of Korn Kids and Bizkit heads, Oasis is another non-American band with funny hair as shown by the mature crowd at last Friday nights New York stop on the Tour of Brotherly Love. Radio City Music Hall was packed with aging hippies, mod rockers and everything in-between. Oasis graced the stage at 8pm with a cocky, swaying walk to their instruments where they began the opening notes of "Go Let it Out" off their last album, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. The brothers Gallagher and crew busted out an hour plus set of obscurities, b-sides and covers to the delight of the die-hards and dismay of the casual fans that yelled for "Wonderwall."

Their set reflected the songs that you love, if you explore the non-singles off each album. Highlights included, "Slide Away," "Acquiesce," "Gas Panic" and more from past albums along with the set closer and Beetle cover, "I am the Walrus."

All night the spotlight was clearly on the troublemaking duo, Liam in his hunched pose, arms behind back, as he gnarled into the mic while Noel focused on precise guitar work and vocal harmonies. In fitting fashion, Liam and Noel left the stage first, with a wave and swagger that made every fan in the house want to be a rockstar and join them for the after party.

Set List:

Go Let it Out


Whatís the Story Morning Glory

Fade Away


Gas Panic

Cigarettes and Alcohol/Whole Lotta Love

Step Out

Slide Away

Champaign Supernova

Donít Look Back in Anger

I am the Walrus

Source: Dan Wirtz

Live: Oasis / Radio City Music Hall