Live: Tricky/Citizen Cope at Irving Plaza

Tricky is an interesting little alien. His career has been marked with brilliance and puzzling disappointments both on record and in concert. His collaborations are endless from rotating vocalists to PJ Harvey to most recently Ed Kowalczyk and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. But live, it's always the strength of his supporting cast that makes a Tricky show something special. With a set-up of drums, keyboard/electronics, vocalist, MC, guitar and bass as well as Tricky himself, the dark trip-hop anthems come alive at attack.

Like most nights, Tricky chose to stand with his back to the crowd for the majority of the show, bobbing his head next to the drum riser amidst a permanent cloud of smoke.

When he did step out from the shadows, Tricky grabbed the mic and unleashed a manic lyrical assault in his signature creepy vocal style. His set was marked with gems from past albums "Maxinquaye," "Overcome" and "Black Steel" and "Pre-Millennium Tension" ñ "Vent" and "Makes me Wanna Die" as well as introducing the crowd to new Tricky-styled pop songs from his new album Blowback,including the single "Evolution Revolution Love" sans Ed Kowalczyk. The new tunes rocked hard and were well-received as seen by the massive head-bobbing going on. In fitting fashion, Mr. Tricky left the stage for the closing song, the much overlooked "For Real" off Juxtapose,while the band played a tight instrumental version. The lights went on and all in attendance left the dark place that Tricky had taken them and into the light, and by all indications, to the record store to buy Blowback!

Despite sound problems and playing over drum loops, opening act Citizen Cope gave the early attendees a taste of his talented, laid-back songwriting style playing selections from his debut album out in September (Dreamworks).

Source: Danny Wirtz

Live: Tricky/Citizen Cope at Irving Plaza