Wednesday Express-Dave Grohl Needs Cloning, Radiohead Tour With New Tunes

In a world of one-album-every-two-years-if-you're-lucky, Dave Grohl has definitely been a busy
little beaver. As previously reported on The Tripwire, he has his metal side project, PROBOT,
whose debut album is about to drop and he recently worked on the first record from comedic folk-metallers
Tenacious D. In addition, he's been jamming and getting songs together for the upcoming fourth
Foo Fighters album. And now comes word that he's going to be getting behind the drum kit again,
as he did for Tenacious D, for California sludge rockers Queens of the Stone Age. It
seems the bunch of ex-Kyuss types asked young Dave for some help on their new record
and he gladly obliged. The Queens will get start getting busy on their third album next month, with
it due to hit shelves in early 2002.

Radiohead, who kicked off their US tour last night in Houston, are said to be previewing new
songs on their current jaunt. The tour is expected to be comprised mostly of songs from their siamese twin
albums Kid A and Amnesiac, but is now also expected to include two unreleased tracks, as
well. The tracks are currently nameless and it is unknown whether they will feature on a future album or as
b-sides to UK singles.

In other Radiohead news, the tour got off to a bit of a rocky start last night, as hand-picked opening
act Beta Band failed to show up in time for their opening night slot. The Scottish slacker jam act
had immigration difficulties and were unable to arrive on time for last night's show, arriving too late to
play. However, as they are now in the country, there should be no such further problems. We would

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express-Dave Grohl Needs Cloning, Radiohead Tour With New Tunes