Fugazi Joins Concert Lineup for Free DC Show

D.C. rock acts Fugazi, Q and Not U, and the Dismemberment Plan will
be joining the running Fort Reno Park free concert lineup this summer. The concerts will be taking place in and early August ñ the Dismemberment boys play with El Guapo on August 2, Q and Not U play with Early Humans on August 9, and Fugazi will raise the proverbial roof with Ian MacKaye on August 13. These concerts get nuthiní in the way of money from the government or corporate sponsors, they are funded completely by private contributions to the Northwest Youth
Alliance. To make a donation or see the full schedule of local bands, check out
the Fort Reno Park website, www.fortreno.com.

Source: Pitchforkmedia.com

Fugazi Joins Concert Lineup for Free DC Show