BT Stands For Busy Technoguy

The crown prince of American dance music (provided the assumption is made that Moby has
already ascended to king), BT, has kept himself more than sufficiently busy over the past year. In
addition to his widely publicized production job on the latest 'NSYNC song (finally bringing some
credibility to an act desperately needing some), the electronic music maven has also provided the score to
the movies "Driven" and 'The Fast and the Furious," written a track for the "Tomb Raider" soundtrack,
collaborated with friends Peter Gabriel and ex-Soul Coughing frontman Doughty
on their upcoming albums, and produced two songs for Britney Spears. Oh, and he's written 11
songs for his next album, the follow up to 1999's brilliant Movement In Still Life. The record will
feature many guest performances, including appearances from Sarah McLachlan and the
aforementioned Gabriel, as well as guests from the last album, including Doughty, DJ Rap,
Paul Van Dyk and Sasha. The album, due out in the first part of next year, is to be
recorded soon at Gabriel's Real World Studios in England.

As well as keeping his plate full on the recording side, BT will also hit the road late this summer as part of
the Mekka Tour. The traveling electronic music cavalcade will also feature such luminaries as Crystal
Method, Roni Size, Armand Van Helden, LTJ Bukem and Mix Master
Mike, amongst tens of others, and will kick off in Montreal on August 4. BT will miss the first two
dates of the tour, as well as the Seattle date, but he will feature on the remainder.

Mekka Tour dates are as follows:

August 4 - Montreal, QC (without BT)

August 5 - Toronto, ON (without BT)

August 8 - Dallas, TX

August 10 - Jacksonville, FL

August 11 - Miami, FL

August 18 - New York, NY

August 24 - Detroit, MI

August 25 - Chicago, IL

August 30 -Seattle, WA (without BT)

September 1 - San Francisco, CA

September 2 - Los Angeles, CA

Source: MTV Online

BT Stands For Busy Technoguy