Elliott Smith, Mike Watt to Play Street Fair

The Silver Lake community picnic is gonna be way cooler than the BBQ and game of tag you and your neighbors are going set aside some sorry Saturday afternoon for...just FYI. The Los Angeles neighborhood has announced details of its 21st annual Sunset Junction
street fair, and it includes a few big Cali names - scheduled to perform on Saturday
August 18th are Elliott Smith (a Silver Lake resident), Sub Pop country rockers
Beachwood Sparks, ex-Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum's Imperial
Teen, and popsters T.S.A.R. On Sunday August 19th , the stage will feature rock veteran Mike Watt, and the energetic punk soul group, the BellRays. For more information on the street fair, visit the official website at www.sunsetjunction.com.

Source: Pitchforkmedia.com

Elliott Smith, Mike Watt to Play Street Fair