Live: Go Go's "Still Got The Beat" in NYC

An evening of rock 'n roll can be many things - but one thing it should always
be is fun. Fun, fun, fun or head back to the box office and get your money
back. I have been to many shows this year and experienced a lot of great
moments but I have not had as much fun as I did seeing the Go Go's in Central
Park this past Friday. I knew when I showed up and saw Gina Schock's pink drum
kit, the satin draped backdrop and mini disco balls hanging from the mic
stands, that this was going to be a fun evening.

Celeb sighting - Anthony Rapp (original "Mark" in RENT and a role in DAZED AND CONFUSION)

The band came out looking great and kicked off right into "Head Over Heels."
The crowd, in unison, did that clap right after Belinda Carlisle sings the first line
of the chorus - "Head Over Heels (clap) Where Should I Go..."? It was such a
great moment - I caught on and had it down by the second chorus.

Belinda looked fabulous - wearing a black sequined skirt and a black turtle
neck long sleeve sweater (someone told me she doesn't showoff her arms?? ) It
seemed a little hot to be wearing that - but who cares - you can see a lot
more than her arms in the August issue of Playboy. She rocked and grooved and
pulled out all her old school snapping her fingers and shaking her hip moves,
it was wonderful. Picking up her tambourine and running across the stage
barefoot - it was 1981 all over again! Gina Schock rocked that pink kit like
the driving force that we remembered her to be. Her trademark chewing of the
gum while she smashed away on the skins was in full effect. Charlotte Caffey on lead
guitar/keyboards could still hold her own up there delivering strong on her
solos. Jane Wiedlin rocked out in her leather pants and lovely collection of
glittered guitars. She still has that side to side Go Go's groove that we all
remembered from the LIVE "We Got The Beat" video from 1981. Much to my
disappointment though, her hair was black ñ not green. The highlight for me
though was bassist Kathy Valentine. She could easily be - by far - the most
underrated bass player out there. She was so punk rock tonight - I forgot
what band I was watching. She is an extremely talented musician. She roared
on stage in a black leather dress with zippers on the chest and side and
black boots to go a long. Her hair is much longer than you remember and
looked great. It was dark brown with a touch of red tint in the light. Kathy
rules - period. Her bass has such an impact on every song !!

The crowd was rocking with every tune. Guys were throwing their tighty whitey
underwear on stage, to which Jane replied, "whoever threw their stained
underwear on stage - got us in the mood." More underwear came on stage during
the next few songs and Jane kicked them back in the crowd. Finally someone
threw boxers and Kathy said, "That's more like it." The band rocked through
some more classics and the crowd kept up and jumped around and danced to
"Skidmarks on My Heart," "Stuck in My Car," "Vacation," "Automatic" and the current
hit single of their new album God Bless The Go Gos,"Unforgiven" - which rocked.

VH-1 taped the show for an airdate of July 20th (my birthday)! Because this
was a concert for TV, often is the case where something has to be done twice
if the producers feel they didn't "get it" the first time around. So to the
crowd's delight, the band did "Unforgiven" twice. A personal favorite off the
new record, which sounded great live, was the song "Apology." Kathy wrote this

What a night- Central Park, a nice breeze and the Go Gos. The weather report
said thunderstorms - we felt not a drop of rain all night, The only storm was
the rock 'n roll the ladies were raining out on all of us fans. I didn't mind
the smell of beer, the smell of sweat or the smell of marijuana that filled
the NY air - but someone had to ruin this all by farting. Who has the balls
to blow a fart when all of us are in such tight quarters? That hurt and was
completely unnecessary. Belinda was touched and motioned to her heart as she
read a touching sign that some dudes wrote on their T shirt; "Belinda, we
fucken love you !!"

The gig closed with the powerhouse classics "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got the
Beat" - which sent us all into a dancing frenzy and the new "La La Land" -
first track on the new record.

Encore time - and this was the most pleasant surprise of the evening. Folks,
a tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time and a close friend of mine
ñ the band launched into a cover of The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated." What an
explosive end to this all out fun evening of rock 'n roll.

The Girls said good bye, grabbed towels and threw some picks in the crowd.

After the gig, my friend and I took part in always memorable "meet n greet."
The band took their time as they had to participate in shooting more VH-1
footage - including some of the meet and greet.

The girls walked out, changed in new outfits and I brought my Beauty and
the Beat
LP for all of the band to sign and they did. They gladly took a
photo as well ñ (Gina Shock - so sorry you got cut out of the photo - but as
you know, the area was tight.) Jane Wiedlin told me and my friend, "You two
have the coolest T shirts in here!" I was wearing The Donnas and my friend
was wearing The Muffs. We talked a little Ramones, a little rock 'n roll and
presented the band with a rose and they were all so sweet and friendly.

This was an overall fun evening and the Go Gos proved that they still got the
beat and much more. Don't miss them on the road this Summer ñ It was truly ladies night - especially because I left the park and walked home and passed by Gloria Steinem (75th St bet Park and Lex).

This concert airs on July 20th on VH-1 ñ check your local listings ñ
And yes- thatís me in The Donnas t shirt dancing around in the audience !!!

Set List:

Head Over Heels

Skidmarks on My Heart

Stuck in My Car





21 Century Girl


Automatic Rainy Day

This Town


Our Lips Are Sealed

La La Land

We Got the Beat

Unforgiven (again)

Looks So Fine

I Wanna Be Sedated

Source: Drew Goldberg

Live: Go Go's "Still Got The Beat" in NYC