As the band's name may suggest, the sophomore album from Bronx Dogs is a wild affair. The
breakbeat act has expanded its sound and branched out in many directions, as Enviro is truly all over
the map. From the Mo'Wax-isms of album opener "People of the Universe" to the Chemical Brothers'
influenced title track and the '80s electro of "Pure Pleasure," the duo of Richard Sen and Paul
Eve are an eclectic pair. Sen is an ex-tagger whose work has appeared on many record sleeves and Eve
is former member of The Wiseguys and founder of the band's label, Marble Bar, and together, they
make many a happy sound. Samples, phat beats and interesting melody lines are all in abundance at the
Dogs' house, making the Bronx THE hangout for beatheadz in 2001.

Bronx Dogs
Marble Bar