Echo Park

Why this band hasn't been bigger in the US is completely beyond me. Buzzing guitars, tuneful vocals and
a pretty boy frontman usually add up to success (Bush, anyone?). However, these
ex-Welshmen-now-residing-in-London haven't had that kind of luck. Perhaps it's time. Feeder's
new album, Echo Park is a wondrous guitar heavy affair, with the requisite tackle box full of hooks.
From the opening strains of "Standing On The Edge," it's pretty evident that the songs are gonna be fast
and furious, yet wholly listenable. The catchy-as-hell "Buck Rogers" follows, further taking us down the
path to guitar driven enlightenment. But it's not all adrenaline-fuelled mayhem. "Piece By Piece" is a
mid-tempo, beat heavy affair, with a sampled drum loop, while "Oxygen" and "Satellite News" are
radio-friendly ballads. The album rides of into the sunset with the thrash-tastic "Bug," bringing to mind, of
all things, early '90s tweakers Daisy Chainsaw. Feeder are a seemingly perfect power trio,
as good as Ash in their heyday, and perhaps even better.


Echo Park