Tori Amos Covers All-Male Tracks

Edgy, topical singer-songwriter Tori Amos has returned to the recording world and is set to
release a new album entitled Strange Little Girls. The album will solely consist of covers, all initially
written and performed by male artists. On Amos' sixth album, she decided to do the cover versions
to show how songs are viewed differently when coming from a female perspective. Amongst the artists
being covered are Eminem, The Beatles, Depeche Mode and Neil Young.
The album, out on Atlantic, will hit shelves on September 18, just prior to a US tour, starting September 28
in Miami and wrapping up in San Francisco on November 21. The first radio single is a version of The
Stranglers' "Strange Little Girl" which will ship in the middle of August.

The tracklisting for Strange Little Girls with original artist credit is as follows:

The Velvet Underground - "New Age"

Eminem - "97' Bonnie & Clyde"

The Stranglers - "Strange Little Girl"

Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence"

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - "Rattlesnakes"

10cc - "I'm Not in Love"

Tom Waits - "Time"

Neil Young - "Heart of Gold"

The Boomtown Rats - "I Don't Like Mondays"

Slayer - "Raining Blood"

Joe Jackson - "Real Men"

The Beatles - "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"

Source: Sonicnet

Tori Amos Covers All-Male Tracks