There are plenty of different styles of punk rock music, but none more fun and entertaining than the Southern California stylings of Nerf Herder. Much like Fat Wreck Chordsí artists like Nofx or Lagwagon, Nerf Herder write great punk songs with their tongues implanted so deep into their cheeks, they have trouble breathing at times. NH wrote and performed the Buffy The Vampire Salyer theme song, and scored and MTV regular rotation hit a while back with "Van Halen".
"MY E.P." is produced and mixed by Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and stands up and says hit to the class ditching, horny, Booneís wine drinking punker in all of us.
"Love Sandwich" is smash thanks to itís catchy hook, easily recognizable chorus, and plea to help salvage the underground world of making love with food. "Bridge Under Troubled Water" is an awesome love song for the pathetic boy in all of us, while "The Sportsman Bar" is a slap in the face to all of the letterman jersey wearing jocks who drink more alcohol than humanly possible. There are definitely yule tide classics in the making like the peaceful diddy called "Iíve Got A Boner For Christmas". Get with Jessica at MY Records and find out what fun music is all about.

Nerf Herder
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