Embrace Ready New LP

The UK band, Embrace, are set to return to the spotlight (in the UK, anyway) with a new album on September 3, entitled If You've Never Been. According to band member, Danny McNamara, the follow-up to last year's Drawn From Memory is a real artistic leap forward for the boys - "This band really feels like it's starting to bloom. We've taken the heights of the first LP through the organic scope of the second LP and arrived at an exciting new place that doesn't sound like the band that made either." Ok, sure. The LP will be preceded in Britain by a single, "Wonder," on August 20.

The full track listing for If You've Never Been is:


I Hope You're Happy Now


Many Will Learn

It's Gonna Take Time

Hey, What You Trying To Say

If You've Never Been In Love With Anything

Make It Last

Happiness Will Get You In The End


Source: Q4music.com

Embrace Ready New LP