Live: Blink-182 Make Southside Chicago Girls Scream

I knew it was on when we drove into the Tweeter center and the sign read; Ticket holding parking Right lane, parent drop off Left lane. Parents drove their kids in from all over to see Blink-182, some of them stayed and enjoyed the show with their children, others waited patiently in the "parents holding area" for the madness to cease. I am happy that the FCC wasn't in attendance, or the fat cat politcos that attempted to shut down Jim Morrison or Two Live Crew for that matter, because my associates and I are still tallying the number of times the word FUCK was said on stage. The funniest thing about the show was an 8 year old girl who was having the time of her life next to me (along with Dad who tried to mosh me one or twice) wearing a brand new Take Off Your Pants And Jacket shirt. She was 8 and her dad spent $30 dollars for her to wear it. Ahh the simplicities of supply and demand even if there is a negative connotation implied, it doesn't matter anymore because we are Americans living in the 21st century - and the teens rule the market.

Blink literally blew up the audience when they stormed the stage as a gigantic burning sign blazed above the band which read FUCK. The roared into the first single from the cleverly named Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album, "The Rock Show." The kids in the crowd knew every word to every song (as it should be) but it was amazing to see just how young the kids were (or how old i saw myself). Plenty of the "hits" came in and out of the set including, "What's My Age Again", "Adam's Song", "All The Small Things".

The flashing lights and pyrotechnics were amazing, even though it looked like Mark Hoppus was about to get burnt up Michael Jackson style a few times. Tom DeLonge was really annoying. Most of the banter between Hoppus and DeLonge seemed like grade school potty mouth locker room talk spoken by horny tattooed children on Ritalin. deleing attempted to be funny after every song and rarely was. Contests of who could eat whose poop, going down on grandmothers, and "you have you do" was hear a lot by the front men. Travis, the drummer, said nothing. He never does. He is an amazing drummer and the coolest member of the band.

Aside from the asinine comments made by the band, the "rock show" was great. Blink were surprisingly tight and they put on a fantastic visual show with great lights and when Hoppus took off his pants to begin one song, I knew that I had to leave the venue. Regardless of the MTV bubble gum comparisons, Blink-182 have been knocking out albums since the Cargo records days and have finally gotten their due. Granted most of the stuff they do and say are lame and search for a "shock factor" from someone, but the music (live and recorded) is solid. Thanks to Jeremy Buelow at MCA for the amazing seats and time. For all of the haters out there: Blink-182's new album is really fucking good, and the live show lives up to all of the airplay and promotion that the band receives on MTV. They are a great band and you should cop the new disc.

Some Songs Played:

Rock Show

Anthem Part Two

What's My Age Again

Happy Holiday, You Bastard

Adam's Song

First Date

Story Of A Lonely Guy

I Fucked Your Mom

Reckless Abandon

All The Small Things

Fuck Grandpa

Stay Together For The Kids

Roller Coaster

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Blink-182 Make Southside Chicago Girls Scream