Live: The Incredible Moses Leroy Makes Chicago Feel Fuzzy

Sandwiched in between to unknown acts, The Incredible Moses Leroy took the stage at Schubas Tavern in Chicago Wednesday night. I have been corresponding with Ron Founteberry for some time, and was anxious to finally hear the Electric Pocket Radio record live. The show went off without a hitch, complete with sock puppets, megaphones, Mr. T movies, and one drunken asshole that kept heckling the band. Turns out I worked with the guy at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square in 1998, and now he works at the Chicago store (where the bandís in store appearance was held the day before). This man kept screaming "milk and cookies" and everyone in the audience wanted to rip his head up, but the suave and focused Founteberry kept playing the fun party jams.

The show kicked off with "Beep Beep Love", which was sung with the help out a megaphone (from Ron) and two sock puppets who nailed their "beep beep" chorus. The sock puppets were thought to be the famous Sifyl and Ollie from the defunct MTV show, but alas they were simply another pair of singing sock puppets.

"Fuzzy" kept things on the happy track, as scary videos played in the background the entire time. Phantasm, Death Camp 6, and Carrie were just a couple of highlights. Oh and there was one where a woman was covered in ants near a lake and for some reason she couldnít jump into the lake to wash off the ants = scary! Some of the set list contained new songs, or songs that werenít found on the album. One song called Mr. T, featured old school videos of New Edition footage, street kids break dancing, and Mr. T walking down the street and singing with a bunch of scared kids. T was wearing shorty short camoflauge shorts, along with a black and white stripped tee, and all 400 lbs. of symbolic gold.

"Sunday" and "1983" (two very strong songs) came off the Incredibleís album, and sounded fantastic. Founteberryís innocent vocals were ON the whole night as the crowd began to sing along with him. Founteberry isnít that tall, he stood about 5í7" in his grey Mickey Mouse shirt, but the kid from California had the crowd in his pocket. "Everybodies", followed by a superbly sung "Dont' Say To Me It's Over" were next. Trips to the beat sampler made for in between song fun, as Salt Ní Pepa was mixed in with a 3rd Bass beat, along with some dude saying "ah yeah".

"Play Anthem" was screamed from the audience just as The Incredible Moses Leroy began to strike the chords to the song. "Sunshine on my shoulders" wrapped up the night, bringing back the childlike mindset in all of us. The show was definitely entertaining, with sing and play alongs, and the videos were not only fun but also funny.

Ron Founteberry is a star and recently was picked up by the Gap to star in some print ads for the clothing company. Electric Pocket Radio is a brilliant synchronicity of 70ís flare and new millennium sampling style. Go see the band when they come to your town ñ bring the whole family. They are super duper cool.

The set list that The Tripwire was given:

Beep Beep Love




Mr. T






Kung Fu

Donít Say


Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: The Incredible Moses Leroy Makes Chicago Feel Fuzzy