Long Distance

Long Distance is the new keepsake from the New York City trio Ivy. The last time we heard from the band, they were tangled in label webs and finally signed to Nettwerk so this beauty could see the light of day. Apartment Life was released in 1997 and honestly we have waited too damn long. This record has more of a programmed / ambient feel to it, a pavement for Parisian goddess Dominique Durand to drive her luscious vocals on. The sound commands to be heard at night in the summertime, racing down the Sunset Strip with the top completely ripped off. We donít need to explain how much of a genius Adam
Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne, producer of The Verve Pipe) is, so we know that anything he attaches his name to is gold. James Iha, and Eric Matthews appear on this gorgeous recording, along with a few other all stars. The vocals are gorgeous, the beats and melodies are a delight and this album is as tasty as fresh lemonade. Highlights include "Undertow", "Edge Of The Ocean", "Blame It On Yourself" and "Lucy Doesn't Love You".


Long Distance