If you're not hip to the Gorillaz you've either a) been under a rock; b) been on vacation in Sri
Lanka; or c) been listening to too much Kenny G and not enough good music. Gorillaz is, of
course, the art-hiphop-groove collective that includes Dan The Automator, Damon Albarn
of Blur, Del The Funkee Homosapien, Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto and
Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads. A great collection of talent and some great songs.
19/2000 is the third UK single off the self-titled debut and is the first to feature the dual vocal stylings of
Albarn and Hatori. Also featured is a dope remix by Soulchild and the REAL reason to buy any
Gorillaz import single: new video footage. This time, it's the making of the 19/2000 video, which is worth
the purchase price in and of itself. For once, a band that feels like it has its finger on the pulse of the future
of music, versus just rehashing bits and pieces of its past.