Tricky Bites The Hand That Feeds Him

Well, Tricky puts out a pretty decent new album (Blowback)and suddenly he's all Mr. Blah Blah Blah Opinionated. In a recent interview with DJ magazine, he decided to take swipes at DJ culture in general, and the Chemical Brothers specifically. Tricky told the mag, "I think DJing is something anyone can do and I think they need to be abolished...that's why we've got things like the Chemical Brothers, 'cos of DJing. I don't think DJs
should be allowed to make music. I don't need them in my world and their music just
sounds like someone DJing in a club and like I don't wanna hear that in a club so it's like
I've got no interest in DJs." Then, perhaps sensing that he was talking out of his very own ass, he concluded, "I don't suppose I should be saying this to DJ, should I?"


Tricky Bites The Hand That Feeds Him