Dead Kennedys Alive Again

Classic San Fran punk band, Dead Kennedys, are getting resurrected with a flurry of re-mastered reissues, as well as the band's first official live disc, entitled Mutiny on the Bay- which culls tracks from a few different concerts the band played in 1986. The live LP will be released September 11th on Manifesto Records. Alongside this release will be reissues of the band's classic discs Plastic Surgery
Disasters, Frankenchrist, Bedtime for Democracy
and Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death which have all been out of print for nearly a year due to a legal dispute between singer Jello Biafra and his ex-bandmates East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro

Mutiny on the Bay's track listing:

Police Truck

Kill the Poor

Holiday in Cambodia

Moon Over Marin

California Uber Alles

MTV ó Get Off the Air

Too Drunk to F---

Goons of Hazard

This Could Be Anywhere

Forward to Death

I Am the Owl




Dead Kennedys Alive Again