Cake To Play Watering Hole Near You

Cake has apparently decided to introduce their new release (Comfort Eagle,out July 24) by playing surprise gigs...announced the day of the show, if at tiny venues on the west coast. They played Sacramento dive bar Back Door Lounge on July 9 completely unannounced. Frontman John McCrea recalls, "There were people there in their 50s and 60s who didn't know who the hell we were and were initially pissed off that they saw a rock band setting up...we totally won them over. We got these hardened, chain-smoking alcoholics who had been there when Frank Sinatra played [the] place back in 1972 to really sing along with our music." They plan to play similar shows in San Fran next week and in Los Angeles the weekend before the record's release.

"It's too bad every body can't come to these gigs, because it's the only way to
see us play," McCrea said. "Our music was originally intended for very small
venues, and the bigger the venue, the less meaning gets transmitted to the
audience. The absolute best place to see us is a club that holds 75 people.
Unfortunately, we can't tour that way full-time, but I wish we could."


Cake To Play Watering Hole Near You