Y-100 FEZtival 2001 - The Best Radio Festival Ever?

First of all I would like to thank and stroke the folks at Y-100 for putting on an amazing show yesterday at the Tweeter Center on the shoreline in Camden New Jersey. Jim McGuinn, Suzie Dunn, Kelly Gross, Patrick Schmidt, Dan Fein and company treated all of their guests with respect and courtesy and assembled one of the most diverse and entertaining line ups for a radio festival to date. Temperatures reached a high of 95 degrees, the youth of Philly rushed the stages wearing their red FEZ hats, and I haven't even mentioned how amazing the music was.

Good Charlotte The young, tattooed kids helped ignite the crowd early. "Little Things" was the big hit of the set, and the crew gave props to Y-100 for throwing their demo on the Cage Match way back when, which helped spark their career.

Our Lady Peace
One of two Canadian acts of the day (Barenaked Ladies also played), the most over looked band in rock today performed a fantastic set. "Superman's Dead", "Starseed", "Right Behind You (Mafia)", were some of the highlights amongst other radio friendly hits.

The motherfunksters are from Philly and have lived and breathed on Y-100 via the station's dedication to local music for the past 5 years. Fathead were featured on the Cornerstone Player a few players back, and this crew helped light up the second stage. Complete with saxophone, and freestyle rhymes which included the unforgettable verse, "Y-100 FEZtival, everybody eat your vegetables", helped the unsigned band introduce their music to 24,000 plus fans, and a swarm of promo dudes.

Scapegoat Wax
By far my favorite performance of the day. We love the Okeeblow album and were very excited to hear how the beats and samples would be conveyed on a live stage with live instrumentation. Singer Marty James is a star and the crowd was very into him and everything that the band stood for. "Chico Boy", "Freeway", Crawling" and the crowd favorite "Aisle 10 (Hello Alison)" grabbed a ton of new fans for the northern Cali crew. The Tripwire can exclusively reveal the identity of Mr. Dope America, as he is the touring DJ for Scapegoat Wax. We hung with these dudes all day, and their live show and record are legit!!!

Tenacious D
The self proclaimed "greatest band on Earth" played halfway through the day to a crowd that was not ready for the D. The duo who began their career performing shorts on the late Mr. Show series, played a 20 minute short set of acoustic comedy gems. Most of the songs in the set were new, the D are mostly a cult favorite at this point, and I personally don't think the audience enjoyed it as much as the promo peeps and bands who flooded the stage to feel the D. The new album comes out on Epic next month and you need to listen for yourself and have fun with the record, and not judge these funny boys.

Pete Yorn
This cat is a(fucking)mazing! His voice sounds like a groggy Eddie Vedder, and his performance was the capper that made the second stage better than the first stage at this event, hands down. Yorn played the majority of his Musicforthemorningafter album, along with a chilling version of The Smiths' "Panic." This guy is a star and all of his songs played live were golden.

The weirdest rock stars on the face of the Earth closed out our evening with an astonishing 50 minute set. Complete with their luminescent W symbol, the 4 piece came out and played every song from the Green album. They also played 3 B-sides which no one has heard of (which sparked rumors of a 4th album). Just when the thought the cocks of rock were going to leave the stage without playing a hit, they did. All of them. "Undone", "Buddy Holly", "Say It Ain't So", "Surf Wax America" made the sold out crowd smile and all of us rock out. Weezer is an amazing band, I just liked them better when Rivers had only one leg.

The Y-100 FEZtival was one of the coolest sounding days that I have been a part of in a while. It truly reminded me of how Lollopalooza once was, food, games, music, and fun. Great job to the Y-100 staff and we look forward to (sorry to even plant the seed this early) FEZtival 2002.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Y-100 FEZtival 2001 - The Best Radio Festival Ever?