"Is There a Soul In There?" Planet of the Apes ñ 2001

Sure the original ruled, the original was way ahead of its time and the original is still a classic. So why bother touching it? Two words ñ Tim Burton.
The film was visually stunning. The look, the makeup, the costumes, the settings were all right on ñ but what would you expect from the creator of Edward Scissorhands. Now ñ the difference, besides seeing more of the apes facial expressions, we learn much more about the characteristics of each ape as well. There are more human qualities to these apes.

Tim Roth is simply stunning and by far the most fierce character on screen ñ I am still afraid the morning after. I love his deliveryñ (though some of my favorite lines of his are only in the trailer). Helena Bonham-Carter was wonderful and attractive (yes attractive) as the female ape who takes a liking to the human race. The story was great ñ and tricky at times. So pay attention. If youíve seen it ñ SEE IT AGAIN. Look for the clues. I am still sitting here the day after having a round table of what the possibilities are after watching the ending. I wonít give anything awayñ quite simply because I am still trying to make sense of the events. Walberg - who I had my doubts about, proved to be perfect and 100% believable. Even though at times he was out of breath when they were standing stil- but listen - I guess it's tense when the planet has talking apes on it. The Charlton Hestoncameo is brilliant (though heís a cock in general) Tim Burton uses him brilliantly ñ and with some humor too. There are many things to think about ñ and whoís to say which one is right ñ the only way things can be tied together, is when Tim Burton delivers the sequel ñ hopefully. BEWARE ñ itís time to ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Source: Drew Goldberg

"Is There a Soul In There?" Planet of the Apes ñ 2001