Mass Romantic

One fallen Jimmy Swaggart can be thanked for calling music "the new pornography"...'cause damned if The New Pornographers isn't the coolest name for a band, ever. Ok, perhaps a slight overstatement, but just barely.
The New Pornographers are a
Canadian super-group consisting of
Carl Newman, Dan
Bejar , alt-country chanteuse Neko Case, Kurt Dahle, John Collins , and Blaine Thurier--all respected musicians and artists on their own, who've come together to make one helluva record in Mass Romantic. Where to start? Well, there's not a single throw-away track on here, so start anywhere frankly. Neko Case rips up "Letter From an Occupant," Carl Newman glides through "The Fake Headlines," "Jackie," and "The Body Says No" just to name a few. Mass Romanticis perfect pop...blame Canada.

The New Pornographers
Mint Records

Mass Romantic