Live - Area One in the SF Hizouse

It took a great ancestor of a great author, Herman Melville, to provide the public with a great
festival. Moby's Area: One festival shook the San Francisco Bay Area with seismic force last
night, bringing the love in many forms: rock, techno and hiphop. The bill was greatly varied and
featured many highlights from Paul Oakenfold dropping Prodigy's vastly underrated
album track "Narayan" (with vocals from Crispian Mills, ex-lead singer of Kula
Shaker, not to mention Hayley Mills' son) to hiphop trendsetters Outkast, featuring
a resplendent Dre in what can only be described as a blue and silver space age contraption
corset pant system, bringing the house DOWN with a (pardon the pun) bombastic "B.O.B." to festival
organizer Moby and his not-changed-much-since-the-album-came-out-in-1999-but-still-brilliant live
set. But, the band you all are really wondering about is New Order and here's what you're
aching to find out.

New Order took the stage for the first time in the States since 1993 to a crowd fiending for them. The
crowd was not disappointed. Singer/guitarist Bernard Sumner introduced the two new
members of the band, ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and
ex-Marion guitarist Phil Cunningham to rousing applause, the former more than the latter,
surprisingly enough. The band then rolled into a cover of previous incarnation Joy Division's
"Atmosphere," visibly delighting the amassed throng. A number of crowd favorites were to follow,
including "Regret," "Bizarre Love Triangle," "Touched By the Hand of God," "True Faith,"
"Temptation," "Blue Monday," and "Love Vigilantes" featuring Sumner in full Hooters copy
mode, fronting the band while playing the melodica fancied by the two-hit wonders from Pennsylvania
(I know no one will get this reference, but I couldn't let it slip). The most surprising inclusion, however,
was the Joy Division hit "Love Will Tear Us Apart," which was thought to have been retired from the
live set. A number of tracks were unleashed from the pending New Order full length,
GETREADY, due out on Reprise in early Fall, including premiere single "Crystal", "60 Miles
Per Hour" and the Corgan-led "Turn My Way." The band was electrifying from first note until last,
only souring when allowing Sumner out from behind his guitar to rock some of the worst dancing this
side of Billy Crystal's "white man's overbite." Even then, it may have been worse. However, it
was easily outweighed by the general genius of the band. I'll leave you with this final thought. The
entire gravity of the event hit home with me as soon as "Atmosphere" started. Within the first few notes,
Corgan's face spread into a huge smile. This is a man who was in one of the biggest bands in the world,
has endless money and has lived virtually every rock star fantasy. Except one, and it was fulfilled at that
point. Corgan was onstage performing with a band he had idolized as a youth, attending all of their
shows in the Chicago area. He was a part of this group now and his face told the entire story: even rock
stars have rock star fantasies.

The fantastic New Order set list as it occurred last night at the Shoreline Amphitheatre:



Love Will Tear Us Apart


Love Vigilantes

Turn My Way

Bizarre Love Triangle

Touched By the Hand of God

True Faith


60 Miles Per Hour

Blue Monday

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Area One in the SF Hizouse