Live: "Slamin" at Irving Plaza with BUCKCHERRY July 31, 2001

What do you do if you grew up listening to AC/DC, KISS, and Aerosmith? Well the first thing you do is cry because there is clearly no more rock n roll that exists today. The second thing you do, is breathe a slight sigh of relief and embrace Buckcherry ñ the Dreamworks rock band that debuted in 1999. Last night was the NY date on their tour to support their second album, Time Bomb. I knew from the opening note and from Josh Toddís vocals ñ that rock was in fact back 100% and it was gonna be an evening of vintage high voltage rock n roll.

The band came out in 5th gear ñ going into Frontside (first track on the new album) ñ then into my favorite ñ Whisky In The Morning, then Fall(another new gem that rocks) and then into Dead Again off the first record. This was a wonderful pure 4 song rock opening. Josh Todd gets skinnier and skinnier by the minute. Guy looks like one of my legs by itself. But donít think for one second that will influence the roar that he has coming out of that mouth, He can really howl ñ where does that voice come from? How can it come from that bone body? Josh came out in all dark denim ñ jeans and a matching jacket. By the 3rd song ñ please, the jacket and his shirt was off to reveal, in my opinion, one of the best tattoos out there. His entire back is covered with a Jack of Hearts ñ with now more designs around it on his shoulders that mesh with the jack. His arms are covered with full sleeves and in the front he has "chaos" written below his waist with a tiny spider underneath it (Dee Dee Ramone style.) I donít know how his pants stayed up. He wore them so low ñ these denim hip huggers, guy could pass for a chick from behind. Yes we did see his crack ñ twice. Guy is a rock star. I donít care what anyone says - and Iíve been around a while and seen a lot. Yes- he gets my blessing as a rock star. Last night he grooved back and forth with his trademark step ñ looking like a cross between Axl Rose and Dennis Leary ñ then ad speed to the equation. In between songs he was talking but I couldnít understand a word he was saying ñ except "fuck". Guy rules !!!

The band continued to rock thru the set ñ songs included the classic rock ballad For The Movies, the roaring Time Bomb, the crowd pleasing Porno Star and the battle cry for help, Slit My Wrists. These guys can rock ñ and are great looking. Keith Nelson is a war horse on guitar ñ coming out in the vintage blazer and shirt unbutton down low ñ he also has great looking tattoo sleeves on his arms. Yogi on the other guitar rules too. Guy reminds me of Izzy Stradlin ñ heís got the long dark hair frosted with light highlights. He was rocking too with the shirt off and running around the stage doing a similar kick step as Josh Todd. Devon Glenn on drums was pounding ñ however the sound on the drums wasnít great. I couldnít hear the snare that much ñ just the toms and bass drum. My biggest disappointment was JB on bass. I have recently taken up this instrument so I am paying extra careful attention. Donít get me wrong ñ the guy can strum and play with his fingers than break out the pick and do the punk rock "down strum" when needed. His ax was stunning too ñ the Fender P bass ñ white with the brown pick guard ñ circa Dee Dee Ramone style. Looked great and made me jealous that I bought an Aqua one instead. BUT ñ guy has put on a few pounds ñ AND ñ he had the balls to come onstage in sweatpants and a T shirt. Please - guy ñ keep the look in the band consistent. Save that attire for the gym ñ c mon man !!!

Crowd ruled ñ the kids were going bananas. All the shirts were off ñ tattoos everywhere.
A lot of bikers in the house too. One biker cat next to me ñ you know the black t shirt , all covered in tattoos and the long ponytail braid and bandana on the head? He leans over to me and says to me that there is a guyís head in the way of our view. We were standing on the balcony and some cat was leaning over in front of us ñ we could see but at times his head would move and blocked our view a little. So the biker says ñ and I quote, " We gotta saw that guys head off ñ his head is the problem." I say, "yeah." He then says ñ "we gotta saw it off ñ so I can then stand on it to see." I laugh. Another highlight ñ the lady to my right ñ had Paul Stanleyís face tattooed on her back with his signature tattooed underneath ñ I knew I was back in rock n roll high school again !!

The 1hr and 20 min set was rocking down to the end. The band left the stage and the kids were screaming in unison, "Buck ñ Fucking Cherry, Buck ñ Fucking Cherry" ñ it was priceless. The band then came back for their 2 encores ñ a roaring track from the new record Slamin which rocked the joint and the put the house lights on to reveal the crowd clearly agreed as they were slamin"!!!! They closed the evening ñ with , what else? Lit Up!!! Tune rocked the roof off !! The audience participated on the cocaine lyrics ñ place was in a frenzy. What a tune and a reminder of what tune took them "out of the gate" so to speak. They rocked it and Josh Todd is a rock star. He was a 98 pound freight train up there. I hope the label still supports this act because they rule and at a time when we need rock more than ever ñ we need BUCKCHERRY>.

Source: Drew Goldberg

Live: "Slamin" at Irving Plaza with BUCKCHERRY July 31, 2001