Live - Depeche Mode Rocks The Suburbs

Electro-pop mavens Depeche Mode continued their Exciter tour Friday night in scenic
Concord, CA. Concord is located 45 minutes east of San Francisco and you know what you get in the
suburbs 45 minutes from any major metropolitan center. Enough said. However, even the suspect
surroundings weren't enough to dull an electric performance from one of electronic music's founding

Night descended and the boys from Essex hit the stage, along with a live drummer and the same
long-haired keyboard player that featured on their 1998 Greatest Hits tour. He has always looked out of place, kind of a fat Brandon Lee circa "The Crow," but what do I know, I'm not in the band. The expectedly
older-demographic in attendance still managed to create quite a roar when their heroes came on, to the
intro guitar line to "Dream On." That was just a tease, however, as the band kicked into "The Dead of
Night" off their latest album. The other Exciter material included "When The Body Speaks,"
"Breathe," and "Freelove," as well as the two singles, the acoustic guitar driven "Dream On" and the
Mode-at-their-best "I Feel Loved." Nothing prior to 1988's Music For The Masses reared its
head, but there was still plenty of older hits to energize the crowd. The appearance of "Halo" was a
welcome surprise, as was encore number "Black Celebration," a brilliant song that somewhat confused
the younger listeners, but clearly ignited anyone over 21. The clear highlights of the show, with little surprise, were "Personal Jesus," "Enjoy The Silence," and final encore number "Never Let Me Down Again." Overall, the show was quite good, although, as
expected, not as good as the 1998 Greatest Hits tour, which is always to be expected when a band tours
on an album that is not quite up to par. Regardless, it WAS still Depeche Mode and, therefore, highly
worth seeing.

The set list was as follows:

The Dead Of Night

The Sweetest Condition


Walking In My Shoes

Dream On

When The Body Speaks

Waiting For The Night To Fall


Sister Of Night



Enjoy The Silence

I Feel You

In Your Room

It's No Good

I Feel Loved

Personal Jesus




Black Celebration

Never Let Me Down Again

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Depeche Mode Rocks The Suburbs