Reggie & The Full Effect Are Back For Your Daughters And Beer

June 1988...
An arson fire in Memphis, Tennessee destroys a full city block. Dozens of buildings burn to the ground. Among them, the legendary White Chocolate Studios, home base of REGGIE & THE FULL EFFECT. Hundreds of recordings are destroyed and Reggie himself is the main suspect. His mysterious disappearance, at the peak of his stardom, only heightens speculation of his guilt.
It was generally believed that Reggie was dead....
However rumors continued to persist that he was alive and writing music under an alias, and Reggie sightings haven't stopped for the last 12 years.

With the old records out of print and impossible to find, Greatest Hits '84 - '87 and Promotional Copy (which had been anonymously sent to Vagrant Records in 1999) became instant cult classics. Every week Promotional Copy continues to sell more than the week before and at present time has sold almost 50,000 copies in the US.

Every night at Vagrant America, kids can be heard throughout the crowd whispering about Reggie. Just last week at one of the four sold out nights in Chicago - one over zealous audience member thought he saw Reggie on stage. He screamed out "REGGIE!!!" and immediately the audience broke into the now common Reggie chant. But as always, the figure disappeared into thin air and no one ever knew for sure what they had seen..

What happened 12 years ago? Did Reggie set fire to his studio? Where did he go? And who sent what was left of his recordings to Vagrant Records?? The questions will never be answered and no one will ever fully know the truth.
But Reggie is alive.

Aug. 20th @ Metro (Chicago, IL)

Aug. 21st @ Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)

Aug. 23rd @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA)

Aug. 24th @ Wetlands (New York, NY)

Aug. 25th @ CBGB (New York, NY)

Aug. 26th @ Trocadero (Philly, PA)

Aug. 27th @ 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)

Source: Vagrant

Reggie & The Full Effect Are Back For Your Daughters And Beer