A Break From The Norm

Ever wonder where Norman Cook, A.K.A., Fatboy Slim gets all those fat samples he
reconfigures into booty-shaking dancefloor fillers? Here's your chance to find out. A Break From The
(geddit? record people are SO funny) features 15 songs that the Fat one heisted bits from and
turned them into bigger hits than they originally had been. Included are Camille Yarbrough's
"Take Yo Praise", later turned into "Praise You," "I Can't Explain" by Ellen McIlwaine ("Going
Out Of My Head") and Just Brothers' classic "Sliced Tomatoes" that was wholeheartedly pilfered
for "Rockerfella Skank." The album is highly interesting and true beatheads should try to decipher what
Fatboy songs the tracks eventually became without cheating and looking in the liner notes.

Various Artists

A Break From The Norm