Remy Zero Get Reverbed Tonight on HBO

Remy Zero will appear on the HBO series Reverb tonight at 8 pm est, followed by a live chat on AOL at 9 pm est. The performance will feature three gorgeous new charmers, "Save Me", "Perfect Money" and "Glorious #1" from the band's forthcoming album The Golden Hum which will shower the world on September 18. "Save Me" and "Bitter" are available for download on their site which also includes an updated photo gallery. Remy Zero will play a special show in Atlanta Friday August 8 with Ben Folds, and their new single "Save Me" goes for ads on 8/20.


1. The Golden Hum

2. Glorious #1

3. Out/In

4. Bitter

5. Perfect Memory

6. Save Me

7. Belong

8. Over The Rails & Hollywood High

9. Smile

10. I'm Not Afraid

11. Impossibility


Remy Zero Get Reverbed Tonight on HBO