Schneider To Star As 20-Centimeter Elvis

Adam Sandler wants to bring back the smallest character ever from SNL and put the little trinket man on the big screen. Sandler wants Rob Schneider to star as a 20-centimeter tall Elvis Presley. The original sketch "The Adventures of Tiny Elvis" aired twice with Nicholas Cage and
Schneider portraying the pork chopped hip shaker. Sandler's production company Happy Madison Prod. will produce the film, as it did with The Animal and Deuce Bigalow, which did amazingly well at the box office. "Adam's just offered me a role in his new movie,'' Schneider told the Herald Sun. "He wants me to play an eight-inch Elvis
Presley. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but I think it's going to work."


Schneider To Star As 20-Centimeter Elvis