Fred Durst Bites Feeding Hand

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst lashed out yesterday at his bread and butter, MTV, about the lack of airplay his bandís new video "Boiler" is receiving on the stations program, TRL. "Boiler" has nosedived from No 4 to No 8 on the TRL chart this week. Speaking on the band's official website,, Durst claimed the video dropped down the TRL chart because it was "too dark for a lot of TV viewers" and not because it just plain sucks ass.
Durst describes the "Boiler" video on the website as a "glimpse of a nightmare." He
Further says the video's dark vision says something to all Bizkit fans
because, "someone's always out to get us. By the end, the demons have
surrounded us to put fear inside, but this is only fuel and we just keep on
going!" Good grief.


Fred Durst Bites Feeding Hand