Cypress Hill's Smoke Out Festival Branches Out

Stoners everywhere unite! After well received runs the past few years, the Smoke Out Festival organized
by Cypress Hill is expanding for 2001. The event, which has been held solely in San
Bernardino, CA, the past three years, will also include two more dates this fall. The hiphop and rock
festival, which this year features the organizers, along with Deftones, Busta Rhymes,
NoFX, Fear Factory and Method Man & Redman, will also hit the stage in San
Francisco and New York City, wrapping up with the founding location show on October 6. Cypress
Hill's B-Real has further reaching goals for the festival, wanting to bump it up to a full
national tour in 2002.

The fourth annual Smoke Out Festival dates are as follows:

September 25: New York City, NY

September 29: San Francisco, CA

October 6: San Bernardino, CA

Source: SOHH

Cypress Hill's Smoke Out Festival Branches Out