Pulp Ready New Release for October

Well, it's about friggin' time those Pulp characters got it together long enough to write and record their long-awaited successor to 1998's This Is Hardcore.The as-yet-untitled studio album will be released by Island Records on October 15. Jarvis Cocker & Co. scrapped an entire album's worth of songs last year after a protracted (and apparently, unfruitful) recording session and started again from scratch this year. Fellow Brit Scott Walker was enlisted to produce the record. In the UK, the band will release a double A-side (whatever the hell that means) single on October 1st showcasing the album tracks, "Trees" and "Sunrise."

The tracklisting is as follows:

1 Bad Cover Version

2 Trees

3 I Love Life

4 Bob Lind

5 Birds in Your Garden

6 Wicker Man

7 Minnie Timperley

8 Weeds

9 Origin of the Species

10 Roadkill

11 Sunrise

Source: Pitchforkmedia.com

Pulp Ready New Release for October