Pleased To Meet You

Oh, the halcyon days of the early '90s music scene. Turn on the radio, you could hear bands
like EMF, Jesus Jones, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, The Soup
Dragons, and James. Only the latter survives and they are not only surviving,
but still thriving in their native England. The Mancunian groovers have released their 11th
studio album, Pleased To Meet You, and while it's decidedly different than 1999's
Millionaires, it still packs a pop punch. Produced by the legendary Brian
Eno, Pleased To Meet You is a greatly varied album, from the cyber-electronics of
"Space" to the bouncy poptasticness of "Falling Down," the grooved underbelly of "English
Beefcake" to the sparsely melancholic "What Is It Good For." This album incorporates
more electronic influences and synths than previous efforts, but, hell, it's 2001. Everyone
should be looking to the future instead of stagnating the in past and James have
heard this directive loud and clear, to produce a mighty fine 21st century pop record.


Pleased To Meet You