Scottish Supergroup Reveal LP Tracklisting

As previously reported, indie kids everywhere are having wet dreams due to the potent combination of members of Scottish underground rock bands Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Arab Strap and Snow Patrol into the supergroup, Reindeer Section (we can forgive the lame name). Their record, entitled Y'all Get Scared Now,will get a release stateside on September 25 on PIASAmerica Records. Members include Gary Lightbody and Jonny Quinn of Snow Patrol, Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap, John Cummings of Mogwai, and Richard Colburn, Mick Cooke and Bob Kildea of Belle & Sebastian among others. For more info, check out the web site for their UK label,

The tracklisting is as follows:

1 Will You Please Be There for Me

2 The Opening Taste

3 12 Hours It Takes Sometimes

4 Deviance

5 If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet

6 Fire Bell

7 If Everything Fell Quiet

8 I've Never Understood

9 Raindrop

10 Sting

11 Billed as Single

12 Toute le Monde

13 Nightfall

14 The Day We All Died


Scottish Supergroup Reveal LP Tracklisting