There's No Doubt; Rock SteadyIs Coming Soon

The technicalities have been worked out and the date has been set. The fifth album from So
Cal ska-poppers No Doubt is on the way. Rock Steady features a virtual
smorgasbord of producers, from Ric Ocasek to Timbaland, Dr. Dre
to The Neptunes. If the album is anywhere near as interesting and varied as the
production team, we're in for a wild ride. Amongst the Gwen Stefani-tastic tracks are
"Hey Baby," "Hella Good," "Making Out," "Detective" and the seemingly
Madness-influenced title track. The excitement builds until December 18, when the
album finally hits the streets in time for the Christmas rush.

Source: Allstar

There's No Doubt; Rock SteadyIs Coming Soon