Curve Makes The Grade With New Album

On Sept. 18, Hip-O/Universal will release Gift, Curve's first album for the label since 1998's Come Clean. While "business difficulties" delayed a
follow-up for several years, band principals Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia
have continued to make music, posting MP3s on their official Web site
. Open Day at the Hate Fest, a limited-edition
compilation of those officially unreleased tracks, has been available via
the site for several months.
Halliday and Garcia haven't softened the dense soundscape and dark pop view
for which they've long been known, and their sonic amalgam of blaring guitar
and electronic elements is as entrancing as ever on Gift. The album was
produced by Curve and Ben Grosse (Filter, Book of Love).
In addition, Halliday reports on the band's site that she has been working
on an orchestral EP project with longtime friend Andy Wright (who played
keyboards on Halliday's 1989 solo album Hearts and Handshakes, and has
worked with the KLF, Sinead O'Connor, and Erasure) and arranger/composer
David Whitaker (Rolling Stones, Air).
"At present I'm sorting out the correct avenue to take," she recently wrote,
"because it isn't pop and it's not rock so I have to go into a world I know
nothing about which is very exciting, but quite scary at the same time. Wish
me luck with the avant-garde."

Source: Hip-O / Universal

Curve Makes The Grade With New Album