Bad Ronald Gets The Boot At NORML Fest

It seems Reprise Records' Bad Ronald is a little
too liberal for some tastes. The band was asked to perform as headliners
for NORML's (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
"Saturday Blowout," part of the weekend-long concert at Baltimore's Inner
Harbor Hard Rock Cafe benefiting the activist group. Bad Ronald started the
night tearing into "Hand On The Wheel," followed by "1st Time," songs from
their debut self-titled album, and ended it ten minutes, later tearing out
of Baltimore with the cops hot on their heels.

Accused of excessive profanity, the Hard Rock Cafe pulled the plug on Bad
Ronald's set in the middle of their second song. The crowd, who had waited
all day to see the funky rap/rock group's high-energy show, reacted in the
typical rock 'n' roll fashion and within minutes the police were called.
After they arrived at the Hard Rock, the police claimed they were going to
arrest vocalist Doug Ray for inciting a riot.

Fortunately, the NORML promoter and Doug Ray picked up on the cops'
intentions in time. Fugitive Ray jumped over a wooden barrier fence and hid
under the promoter's flatbed truck until the cops cleared out five minutes
later, apparently widening their search for the Bad Ronald instigator. As
soon as their escape route was unobstructed, Bad Ronald made their getaway
with Doug lying on the floor of the promoter's car until they cleared the
Baltimore city limits.

Maybe Bad Ronald should perform a few benefits for freedom of speech before
they hit another Hard Rock Cafe event.

Source: Reprise

Bad Ronald Gets The Boot At NORML Fest