Gorillaz' Rider Request For The Ages

Comic creations and hip-hop sensations Gorillaz, fresh off their bizarre self-removal
from the UK's Mercury Music Awards consideration, keep the insanity
coming with the release of their rider request for their upcoming headlining gig at
Creamfields festival this weekend. They have demanded, amongst other things, a Buddhist
Shrine and two models dressed in Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman outfit. Drummer
Russel has requested two brand new pairs of imported sneakers and a hamburger
buffet, while frontman 2D asked for bottles of a yogurt drink called Yop and a box
of the chocolate bars made by Bueno. Lastly, insane asylum escapee and band ruffian
Murdoc has made it known that he expects the dressing room to be covered in cat
litter, for purposes only imaginable under severe mental duress. One can only wonder what
will happen when the monkey posse hits the States next month.

Source: Dotmusic.com

Gorillaz' Rider Request For The Ages