An American Music Award That Actually Includes Good Albums?

Sick of the Grammy Awards? Wish the US award system was more like the UK's Mercury
Music Prize, in which albums you actually LIKE are up for honors? Well, it seems that
Tom Sarig of MCA and band manager Greg Spotts are as well, and have
started a new award process: The Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement. The list is made
up of albums that are released between July 1, 2000-June 30, 2001 and sell less than 500,000
copies, just less than gold status, at least at nomination time. The star-studded judges for this
initial competition are culled from all aspects of the music industry, from musicians to
producers to managers to journalists. Dave Grohl, Beck, Trent
Reznor, Macy Gray, Dan The Automator and Aimee Mann are
just a few of the 16 movers and shakers chosen to make the key decision.

Amongst the excellent albums up for the premier award are Sigur Ros, Basement
Jaxx, Dandy Warhols. Godspeed You Black Emperor, Gorillaz,
Air, Daft Punk and White Stripes to name a few. The list will be
whittled down to a 10 album list after Labor Day and the winner will be announced on
September 14 at the Arts and Leisure Weekend Lecture Series, presented by the New
York Times
. Sarig and Spotts hope to have an award extravaganza blowout in
Hollywood the following day, with live performances from nominees and Listmakers.
Sounds tasty.


An American Music Award That Actually Includes Good Albums?