Blink's Drummer Anxious For Experimental Side Project

Stick for stick Travis Barker from Blink-182 is one of the best drummers in the rock world. Barker is planning a side project that will begin once Blink wrap their European tour (December). Barker told Rolling Stone the direction that he would like to try out, "Very Minutemen and Fugazi-ish, with a touch of the
Refused," he says. "I'm really into the Minutemen and Firehose. I loved bands like that who are a little bit
experimental. The Minutemen played funk and they
played fusion and they played punk and country, so
[this band] would be a fun experimental project. I
don't want to be in a side project to be popular. I just
want to play music and have fun, so it probably won't
be the most radio-friendly or commercial-friendly
music." Barker appears on the new P Diddy album and has been asked to perform on Xzibit's new record as well.

Source: Rolling Stone

Blink's Drummer Anxious For Experimental Side Project