A UK band. Singing brothers. Huge singalong choruses and sweeping anthemic songs.
Must be Oasis, right? Wrong. While the brothers Gallagher still produce
excellent music (with a new single due in November), the Britpop sensation in question this
time is Embrace. The quintet from Huddersfield is due to release their third full
length effort in September and have issued a taster from that record as the first single.
"Wonder" is Embrace through and through. Softly strummed guitars shimmer
along, as frontman Danny McNamara's highly recognizable voice floats over the
top. Come chorus time, backup singers and hand claps enter the fray, bringing the song into
Primal Scream or Spiritualized territory. An excellent teaser for the
album and hopefully a harbinger of the class inherent in that recording.