Madonna, Drowned World Tour, Palace of Auburn Hills-25 Aug 01

The last time Madonna toured the states, I was still in high school. I've completed my college education and started a radio career in the time it has taken her to launch another tour. There were times I never thought I would get to see her live. When tickets started to go on sale for the Drowned World Tour, I realized that I might finally get my chance (with a little help from Julie Muncy at WB).

After years of waiting, I walked into The Palace of Auburn Hills this past Saturday night. As expected, the crowd was almost as fascinating
as the show. My favorite audience member had to be a boy near us wearing a shirt that said "Material Bitch" and a blue feather boa that matched the blue highlights in his hair. While waiting for the show to begin, my best friend Sarah and I started playing "Where's Waldo? --- wherin a 'Waldo' was a straight guy at the show and not employed by the venue, road crew, or HBO. This kept us busy right up until showtime.

From the opening strains of "Drowned World / Substitute For Love" all the way through to the final chorus of "Music", Sarah and I continually smacked each other in disbelief that we were there. There wasn't one moment of disapointment in the entire show, even though we were scratching our heads a few times (anime rape anyone?). The show is very precise and obviously the vision of a perfectionist. I cannot imagine that there has been much
variation from night to night on this show. Since she hasn't toured since
1993, the setlist was mostly comprised of tracks off her last two releases: Ray of Light and Music. Only a handful of older tracks made the cut ("La
Isla Bonita"
was one of them and a pleasant surprise).

In less than two hours I saw naked men fall from the sky, Madonna playing guitar AND flying through the air, and heard a sold-out stadium sing along to "Holiday". It was truly the best show I've ever seen. (BTW, Jenni Sperandeo: If you just ship Jacques Lu Cont to me in a big box when he's done with the tour, I'll add every record Astralwerks ever release. Ever.)

The hometown crowd ate all of this up with a big fat spoon. All she had to
do was say the word 'Detroit' and the crowd went apeshit. One of the best moments of banter was when Madonna exclaimed, "I'm sure at least half the people in here I either baby-sat for, went to school with, or am related you motherfuckers better give it the fuck up for me tonight."

By the time that "Music" faded away and the last dancer left the stage, I was speechless. Days later, I have survived the lack of sleep and the fight I got into in the parking lot on the way home (let's just say the words "don't fuck with this tired and catty fag" were uttered), but I haven't stopped giving it the fuck up for Madonna.

Source: Shiv/MD @ WOXY

Madonna, Drowned World Tour, Palace of Auburn Hills-25 Aug 01