Avalanches Strike Everywhere October 16

Australian dance outfit The Avalanches have finally found a home in America. The
sextet from Melbourne has been slaying beat aficionados from their home country and the
UK alike, with their cut and paste pastiche insanity that is their debut, Since I Left
, the title track of which featured on Cornerstone Player #23. Now all you kids out
there who love your pop music in wildly varied forms and dig on DJ Shadow,
Coldcut and The Beastie Boys can get your groove on to the album,
scheduled to hit shelves on London/Sire on October 16. This follows a fierce battle, in which
the aforementioned Beasties and Madonna tried to sign the act to their
Grand Royal and Maverick labels, respectively, and when a planned release with Beggars
Banquet/XL fell through the cracks as well. This release looks to be on solid ground and
will be spinning skulls for months to come.

Source: Pitchfork Media

Avalanches Strike Everywhere October 16