"O"...O Shit Another $10 In The Toilet!

Okñso I rarely read movie reviews because I disagree with 99% of them, so what is the point. Last weekend we flipped by a very good review of a film that was due out this past Friday called "O." I knew nothing about it. I was informed though, that it was shelved right about the time of the Columbine High shootings due to related subject matter. Okñnow I know a shooting obviously happens ñ but I didnít know much else. The review gave the film 3 1/2 stars and it said "O for Outstanding" in big letters.

My sister, who read the review and suggested we all see it, also informed me that the film is a modern day re make of Shakespeareís "Othello." Cool by me ñ I was a theatre major ñ I know all of Shakespeareís stuff and about 2 out of the hundreds of modern day Shakespeare re- makes are good so I said, sure letís go.

I donít know where to begin massacring this piece of shit. Really ñ my muscles began hurting just being there.

Who has the balls to hire Julia Styles? Did I miss something? I didnít see that other movie she was in ñ where she is the dancer ñ but I canít imagine that was an Oscar wining role. She, for a lack of a better word..stinks. Sheís ugly, she canít act , she was not believable and she has fangs.

The situations were so poorly written the dialog was shallow and comical, the characters were underdeveloped and how many times can a director use the same overhead aerial shot?
Oh, and was that Martin Sheen as the basketball coach? My condolences Martin, for being cast.

I was embarrassed watching this thing. I consider my self hip ñ I am 31 yrs old and I have seen a lot in my life and I am very open minded, but dog shit is dog shit. Even the kids in the theatre were actually laughing at the films most dramatic serious moments. During characterís serious monologues, which were delivered crying at times, brought laughter from the crowd.

Why did I stay you ask? The people I was with suggested that we were here this long, why donít we just stick it out.

Plot ? Oh ñ fine ñ a girl and a boy are dating. The boy is the star on the basketball team. Another boy, who is also on the team and is the coachís son, is jealous of the "star" and all the attention he is getting. The second boy makes up stories about the girl and tells the "star" that the girl is cheating on her with another guy on the team etc etc...He causes a big mess and things get violent...zzzzzzz

Again ñ who would hire Julia Styles? I keep asking myself this. At least some actors can deliver poor dialog successfully and then you just blame it on the writer. She is not good. The guy who played the lead, the "star" player ñ was good ñ he had the energy ñ but again, the lines that were coming out of his mouth were horrible.It was amateur night on this screen. Movie prices are a felony in this city, so being additionally raped like this ñ really hurt.

Poor Shakespeare ñ glad heís not around to see this massacre. Oh ñ and to the cat who wrote "O for Outstanding". How much did you get for writing that review ?

Source: Drew Goldberg

"O"...O Shit Another $10 In The Toilet!