Human League Exits Time Machine

Ahhh...the heady days of junior high school. Remember the music? Duran Duran,
Spandau Ballet and, lastly, Human League. Whatever happened to the
League, you ask? Well, thanks for asking! The Human League HAVE A
NEW ALBUM and it doesn't have one single new version of "Don't You Want Me" on it.
Secrets on Ark 21 Records will hit shelves on October 30. The band, who still
include head songwriter and male vocalist Phil Oakey, as well as tag-teaming female
singers Susan Anne Gayle and Joanne Catherall also plan to tour the States
in October, but dates are currently undecided.

That Secrets tracklisting in full:

1. All I Ever Wanted

2. Nervous

3. Love Me Madly

4. Shameless

5. 122.3 BPM

6. Never Give Your Heart

7. Ran

8. The Snake

9. Ringing Low

10. Liar

11. Lament

12. Reflections

13. Brute

14. Sin City

15. Release

16. You'll Be Sorry

Source: Allstar

Human League Exits Time Machine